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Punjab Teachers Union: Intro

Welcome to teachers community:

Punjab Teachers Union (P.T.U) is the only representative of Teachers working in Govt. Sector in Punjab, Pakistan It was registered in 1937 before the creation of Pakistan under the Labor law Act. At that time, its name was West Punjab Board Teacher Union. In 1962 its name was changed as Punjab Teachers Union.  Teachers working in BS 9 to BS 19 in Punjab are eligible to get the membership of PTU .Late Molana Abdul Ghaffor Ghaffari struggled very hard for the rights of teachers.  At present, there are 63000 schools in 36 districts and 137 tehsils and the number of the teachers male and female in 3.5 lacs. Representatives of teachers are elected according to one teacher one vote at every tehsil and district level. Then they elect their central body. In December 17, 2009 there was the date of election of Lahore District which Punjab Teacher Union won by leading majority. Syed Sajjad Akbar Kazmi was elected as president of Punjab Teachers Union Lahore Cantt. Mr.Jan-e-Alam, Central President breathed his last after long illness in July 10, 2010. After the death of great leader, Syed Sajjad Akbar Kazmi was elected as Central President of Punjab Teachers Union with heavy majority.

Central President

The history of Punjab Teachers Union is full of struggle sometimes the leaders of this prominentUnionhad to behind the bars, Lathi charged and tear gas was used to put down the struggle. Millions of Teachers protested and the parliament was besieged. As a result of this struggle, pension rights were accepted for the teachers. Educational Institutions were transferred from the local Government administration to provisional administration. Private Educational Institutions were nationalized. Pay scales for the teachers were upgraded. Once again teachers started movement and got promotion from in service quota. A year ago the present government prepared three tires formula for the betterment of the primary, elementary and secondary teachers. Still the teachers are facing many hurdles, so we have to struggle to remove these hurdles.

Recently, thousands of teachers of seven districts ofPunjabhave been affected badly by flood. They have no food and medicines properly. Teachers spend their golden period of their lives to educate the children of the nation, but they are unable to build a simple home for their families due to low income. Their children cannot get Higher education from the institution of superior educational system. Female teachers have their own problems and difficulties. They are posted in the far flung areas but they neither get conveyance allowance nor accommodations in institutions. There have no child day care centers for their children. There is no quota of service for teacher’s Sons/Daughters. Moreover, there are no scholarships for teachers Sons/Daughter for higher education, neither in the country nor in abroad. Punjab Teachers Union will struggle to solve these problems of teachers in future. Punjab Teachers Union stresses not only for the rights but also for duties too. It is suggested that high standards Academies should be established for training of teachers for their capacity building. In addition to this, refresher courses should be introduced during the service to refresh their knowledge according to the latest requirements. For this purpose Punjab Teachers Union should be asked for suggestions. The representative will cooperate in this noble task.


By Syed Zahid Abbas Zaidi ,Secretary for Press and information,

 Punjab Teachers Union,Punjab (Pakistan) 92-333-4421201

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